What We Do

Auto Detailing

Is it time to deep clean your car? Visit Bulldog Auto Detailing today for a full car cleaning service in Central TX. We can clean the interior and exterior of most makes and models of vehicles.

Paint Correction

Car paint correction is a loose term in the detailing industry. In most cases, services like buffing, buff jobs, polishing, compounding, and paint correction are all the same thing.

Ceramic Coating

Recent advancements in nanotechnology have changed the way we protect our vehicles. Ceramic coating is one of those advancements. It acts as a strong clear-coat barrier between your vehicle's paint and the environment, offering top-notch protection.


GlassParency is the professional installer's choice of glass coatings in today's market. Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings, GlassParency is chemically engineered to react to silica within the glass, creating a bond unmatched by the competition. It's product attributes go beyond just a water repellency, making it ideal for any silica-based surface, in any climate or environment.